this is a story as told by my Lolo (Datu Perez  of Lapaz, Agusan del Sur) to my Mama and to us, her children. a beautiful tale of our ancestry as who we are as people. a story of our tribe.

 Long before the coming of the Spaniards to Mindanao, Agusan Valley was then a vast woodland inhabited by several tribal groups of the Manobos. Different varieties of trees grew in these vast forests such as narra, yakal, bagras, and other big trees now extinct due to illegal logging and mining activities in the area. In the midst of these natural God given bounties is the big River called Agusan. There are many tributaries to this vast water system. From Compostela Valley, the Monkayo River, Wawa River from Bayugan, Simulao River from Loreto and Adgawan River from La Paz all meeting at Sabang Gibong in Talacogon. The water flows down to…

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Mikael Bulgakov



the master & margarita

Mayakovskiy metro. With Vera.

My student Vera (Faith is Vera in Russian) and I went to the Bulgakov’s House and Museum at Dom 10 along Mayakovskiy ulitsa. The excursion is only scheduled at night, maybe to create some drama and special effects to the Bulgakov experience. At the door, we were greeted by a man dressed in a soldier’s uniform that was worn by an official in the 1920’s. He greeted me in English thinking that I was an American, and when Vera said that I was from the Philippines, he said that they never had somebody from the Philippines visited their museum before and it would be nice if I left some notes of my impression in their log book.

Inside the museum were activities of different sort from the books and plays of Bulgakov, it’s a pity that my Russian language ability is soooo bad as to understand…

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Georgian Visa To Filipino Tourist (A Filipina Travels To Georgia)



I traveled from Moscow to Yerevan, Armenia (see related post in my travel to Armenia) and decided to hop on to a marshutka (van) to Tbilisi, Georgia which is only five hours away from Yerevan.

At 7.30 a.m. I checked out from my hostel and asked for a taxi to take me to the international bus station to Georgia. Everybody advises (including my lonely planet book) to be there early, before 9:00 a.m. to get a good seat and a good van. It’s 6,500.00 ARD (or roughly 18 USD) which is not a bad deal considering the level of comfort you’ll be getting comparing to a bus or a train which I heard is beyond words.

The road to Georgia (on the Armenian side) was splendid. Beautiful. Like am just in awe of creation. Snow covered mountains on each side of the road, everything’s white, like I died…

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