KZ Tandingan X Factor Philippines 2012

this girl’s performance amazes me tonite. i hope she’ll go far. her “somewhere over the rainbow” version is not boring like the original, she added flavour to it. and, her encore performance by the fugees at first then she rapped in tagalog was like woah!

link is KZ Tandingan X Factor Philippines 2012 – she’s the last performer click the 3rd part.

i think i like the X Factor than Pilipinas Got talent. just saying…

and here’s KZ’s performance from you tube, pre-X Factor


4 thoughts on “KZ Tandingan X Factor Philippines 2012

  1. Her voice is really great! That judge who’s sitting on the usual Simon Cowell spot is really irritating to be honest.

  2. i had to look up in youtube to find out the judge, it’s Charice. Why? Do u not know her? or You just don’t like her.

  3. It’s more of a disappointment I think in my part. She has added on so much of stuff into herself and her personality that I can’t pin point the real person anymore. She’s such a great artist but she’s letting other people tell her who she is rather than being her own honest self. It’s not helping her career either.

  4. If KZ does not win, then lutong makaw na ang Pilipinas X Factor. She deserves to win because of originality and her voice is exceptional

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